WordPress Hosting Tips for Small Businesses and Bloggers
WordPress Hosting Tips for Small Businesses and Bloggers

2016 witnessed a significant rise in users who wished to migrate to WordPress websites. This gave rise to quite a few questions on hosting, out of which many still don’t have definitive answers. According to Web hosting Dubai, the most difficult part of the challenge for consumers include coming up with the right domain name, and then a web host that fits website needs. 

To make this easier, we have a summarized but detailed post that can help tune you in to web hosting.

More demand for affordable hosting solutions

For WordPress websites, site owners mostly prefer reasonably priced, affordable hosting solutions. This could be because a majority of the WordPress blog owners seeking a hosting solution are small businesses or blogs without serious monetization plans. 

A few years back, small business owners and bloggers used to go for shared hosting solutions to host their sites. Though it’s the cheapest option, lately its demand has been declining. Many firms offer better deals at affordable rates now. 


Customers of shared hosting get what they pay for. And what they certainly won’t be paying much. Shared hosting isn’t known for being a reliable hosting solution. You don’t want your websites or blogs to be down for a few days before someone from the hosting provider’s side decides to bring it back to life. 

This can be detrimental to small business websites and blogs that have just started attracting traffic. Reliability is one of the main features you should look out for to host your website. 

Page loading speed

In the case of a blog, people may normally spend a lot of time reading a number of blogs in the blog site. If a blog takes too long to load, it will only annoy them, forcing them to check other similar blogs and drift away from your blog site. Page loading speed is important and the hosting provider plays a role in it. 

In addition, Google also favors faster loading pages more than slow-loading pages even if the latter is visually appealing. 

24/7 Customer support

A scenario where a functioning business website crashes induces panic. In such a situation, you would want the website to be up and running again as soon as possible. However, that will depend on the hosting provider. Even if your website crashes on a weekend or a holiday, it must not matter for a good hosting provider will be there offering support 24/7/365. The provider should be able to resolve the issue and get the website back online in no time.

WordPress hosting should be the specialty

Out the many hosting providers you have to choose from, see if you can filter the ones that specialize in WordPress hosting. There could be other firms that offer WordPress hosting services but they may not be necessarily specialized. Many other firms don’t even support third party software including WordPress. So it’s wise to filter out the good ones first. 

Why not host at WordPress.com itself?

There are many reasons. Explaining them all would deviate from the subject of this article. But if you are still adamant to find out, just do a Google search of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting at WordPress.com. The results will have articles that will help you migrate from WordPress.com to a new domain. 

Why not host at WordPress.com itself? Mostly because businesses won’t get enough flexibility from the deal, as well as the capability to brand themselves in their business sector. WordPress.com is ideal for hosting personal blogs or for experimenting with the service. For commercial purposes, a website wouldn’t be of good use if it’s hosted at WordPress.com

If you are thinking about growing your blog big enough to make it start generating revenue, you should consider WordPress hosting from a service provider who has all the features mentioned above.