What is WordPress Hosting? A Complete Guide
What is WordPress Hosting? A Complete Guide
Building a new website on WordPress is the easiest and speediest ways to launch a blog or an online business. Based on the type of web-based project, the web hosting requirements varies. 

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is hosting specifically optimized to improve functionalities and security of websites built via WordPress. Websites built on WordPress have some distinct characteristics that can cause issues like- delay in loading. When this happens, it is common for users to exit site, causing valuable traffic and potential sales.
WordPress hosting can be grouped into - Shared hosting and Managed hosting.

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting is chosen when you have less amount of money, especially when you are a startup. The server and its resources will be shared with other users and their websites. Shared hosting also comes with some general customer technical support and it is cheap that even the smallest business can afford. 

The flip side of this is that this form of WordPress hosting in Dubai often fails while executing large and complex operations. Additionally, as the server is shared by multiple users the general technical support provided by the server host might be spread thin.

Another aspect of Shared WordPress Hosting that should be looked into is security and performance. There is direct competition for resources like memory and bandwidth. This might cause a problem for the websites. Another disadvantage is that when multiple sites are hosted on same server, security is a tough question. The same goes for performance too. 

When one or more websites on a shared server uses more resources due to increase in traffic, this is sure to affect the other sites using the same server. Hence it would be advisable for site owners who prioritize performance and security over cheaper pricing options may have to look elsewhere to fulfill their web hosting needs.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting uses a dedicated server in UAE, cloud hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Network) hosting. In contrast to shared WordPress hosting, the managed hosting receives exclusive technical support and improved security. They also offer good speed and performance with dedicated availability of resources for individual clients. On top of that the technical support has fewer clients to cater to and hence would have more time to offer and more easily reachable. These technical support team are also trained professionals and hence, would handle operational errors efficiently.      

When it comes to security, WordPress hosting possess tools designed and optimized to meet specific needs of WordPress features. Moreover, servers of a managed host have standardized security measures and routine maintenance processes which allows the technicians more freedom to focus on other security measures like installing patches or constant upgradation.