The Reasons Behind WordPress Popularity.
The Reasons Behind WordPress Popularity.

It is an undeniable fact that WordPress rules the web boasting of more than a 60million users. This open-source software is currently the most popular content management system with a quarter of the worlds website running on WordPress. So, an interesting question pops up. What makes it the most popular CMS in the world.

The reasons are many.

1.    User Friendly

If you are considering other options like Joomla, Drupal along with WordPress, any expert could say that it is the simplest among them all. Building websites with WordPress is super easy. There is no necessity to learn about the complicated codes and programs. There is easy convenience in changing the layout and content of the websites built on WordPress.

There is no doubt on the universality of the WordPress platform. WordPress is energizing millions of websites globally. From its standard dashboard to its themes and plugins everything is user-friendly and caters to the tastes of the global audience.

2.    WordPress is an Open Source

WordPress is a dream come true for many Open-Source CMS Development Company in Dubai to simply put this means that you can do whatever you wish for with it. You can alter it, connect it to your own servers, extend it, download it and you can bring your own unique innovation to it. The necessary edits can be made by accessing the core files and software.

3.    Well Suited for SEO

This is a major USP for WordPress. It works great for SEO and possibly the reason behind its success as the most popular CMS in the world. Most of the features have been built to optimize the website for SEO. While examining features like permalink structure, making the URL keyword rich, you can see for yourself how WordPress can make your website SEO friendly. Hence most companies offering search engine optimization in UAE

Most CMS lack in an effective HTML markup, while WordPress has one which can create wonders for websites. Besides that, WordPress employs title tags and headings intelligently. As a matter of fact, the CMS produces optimized images.

There are free SEO plugins available to create an automatically generates XML sitemap. This is submitted directly to Google without the need for any intervention.

You can manage your title tags more with this. The CMS is content driven which makes it even more ideal for work and for business.

Also, there is cost cutting because there is no need for an expert to download plugin or delegate it to someone. The CMS would guide the course.

4.    Easy and Swift Updates

Updates are part and parcel of a software life cycle as well as its security. Nevertheless, unlike other CMS, WordPress offers fast and easy updates, and all can be done in a single click.

5.    Easy Accessibility

WordPress can be accessed across all platforms. With free license servers, it can be installed easily on Windows or Linux servers. WordPress uses CSS and HTML with PHP to deliver web pages, which makes your websites available on mobile devices of all sorts.

6.    Language Selection

Although more than seventy percent of the websites running on WordPress are in English, it can be translated to develop in more than 60 languages. This is another appealing nature of WordPress that makes it endearing globally.

7.    The Most Innovative

Continuous improvement and innovation are what makes WordPress stand out among many global users. The CMS always finds ways to stay ahead of the times. Bugs are resolved immediately and there are frequent software updates and use superior technology to ensure safety.  Most of the Software Companies in UAE have a testing team with them.