What to Know Before Starting a WordPress Blog and Hosting it
What to Know Before Starting a WordPress Blog and Hosting it

New bloggers show up on the internet on a daily basis. Blogging is a very important online tool for businesses as well. They can use it to engage with customers and build a community where they can interact with each other. In addition to this, blogs also influence search engine optimization to a significant extent.  Blogs with fresh, relevant content encourages traffic and incoming links. 

For personal sites, blogging can generate revenue from advertising. People generally use content management systems (CMS) to build and post blogs. Out of all the CMS platforms, WordPress is the most popular. 

Start blogging with WordPress

WordPress is an open source blogging platform. Why it became popular is because it’s customizable, and easy to set up and use at the same time. But before starting a WordPress blog, you need to find the right hosting company. Without a good host, your blog won’t be able to utilize its full potential on the internet. 

Web hosting Dubai offers various packages that could benefit users thinking about starting a WordPress blog. 

To start the WordPress blog, basically you need to have an apt domain name and a good WordPress hosting solution.

What you will need in your WordPress hosting solution

For starters, finding the right hosting package requires some amount of research. However, once you find one, setting up a blog is an easy process. If you can spend time researching, you’ll be able to find reliable hosting companies that cater to the WordPress community. One benefit is that they may offer more templates you can choose for your blog. 

This doesn’t require any technical knowledge, as you will only need to follow the provider’s directions to get started. For beginners who want to start from scratch, a small hosting package would suffice. You can upgrade to a better package in time if you want to. 

Now that that’s settled, here are the hosting features you should look out for in your list of potential hosting providers.

  • High uptime – It wouldn’t be a good idea to have your blogs unavailable to interested readers for a prolonged period of time. That’s why uptime is important. The hosting provider should make sure that the blog stays up on the net at all times. Personal sites intending to generate revenue from blogs could lose a lot of potential viewers if they can’t see your blogs when they want to.
  • Powerful server – Even if you start off small, if you are really good at blogging or if the topics really captivate readers, your traffic will increase. The server should be able to accommodate the increasing traffic to your blog. If it doesn’t, it will degrade the quality of your blog site normally with slow response time and loading speeds. It can be frustrating to viewers when it takes too long for a blog to load.
  • Dependable customer support – There’s always a chance of experiencing occasional technical issues in your website no matter how good the hosting provider is. To resolve the issue before it seriously affects what you are doing with the site, you will have to rely on their customer support. A hosting provider offering 24/7 support is a good deal as they can address issues as soon as you reach out to them. 
  • Good reputation – The hosting provider should have a good service reputation. To see if they are as good as they say they are, you can look for referrals. Talk to other bloggers who are customers of the web host you are considering to choose. Try to find reviews of their service. Though all this may sound tedious, it’s worth it.  

WordPress hosting is the most ideal solution out there for your blogging needs. However the rates may vary depending on the provider. Either ways, you can start small and grow big. Make sure that you don’t neglect the significance of a good web host for your blog.