VPS vs. Cloud Hosting for Your New Website?
VPS vs. Cloud Hosting for Your New Website?

You have outgrown your shared hosting plan and wish to upgrade, probably you will be mired in a ton of questions.
Cheap Web hosting in Dubai  can be look to be complicated. There are different types of hosting and a dozen companies to choose as well.

Let’s dive deep and compare the two hosting types- VPS and Cloud Hosting.

Feature of VPS Hosting

A VPS hosting plan can be the next big step for website owners who have outgrown their shared hosting plan. Here are some features if VPS hosting:

·         Customizable: Although they share close similarities with dedicated server in instances such as root access to the server and have control over the OS and server software there are limitations on physical server configuration.


·         High Performance: VPS also boasts of high performance, since there is a guaranteed amount of server resources. But in terms of extent of access to the physical machine is limited. Also, there is a possibility that your performance being impeded by other sites using the same physical machine, or when you exceed your plan limits.


·         Not Scalable: A VPS is not the most scalable of web hosting UAE solutions. Although there is a minimum assurance of server resources, it will be challenging to scale your website instantly and your current web hosting provider might be unable to handle sudden surge in traffic depending upon the volume.


·         Security: On a final note, VPS hosting service is more secure than shared hosting but less in comparable to dedicated hosting. Your VPS can act on its own with respect to other sites sharing the same physical server, but there is a possibility that poor security of another site could seriously undermine your own.

Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting in UAE is an excellent option for website owners who prefers a scalable and highly performing web hosting service to back their website. Although not perfect for all types of website, cloud hosting do come up with a lot of benefits.