Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting – Analyzing the Differences and Benefits
Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting – Analyzing the Differences and Benefits

Getting a website up online may sound easy when you think about it. But choosing the right web hosting provider and the right hosting solution can be quite tough. Web hosting Dubai offers many unique packages befitting websites with different requirements. It’s a bit of a challenge to determine the right kind of hosting solution your website requires. Especially if the choice comes down to VPS hosting or cloud hosting. 

VPS and Cloud Hosting in a nutshell

VPS hosting, like the name suggests, uses virtual private servers which essentially means the solution will be responsive, scalable, and efficient. The paid subscription model of VPS hosting solutions means the website owner will have to purchase the required resources, and then purchase more resources in packs when the website needs more. 

Cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting in the sense that it also uses a virtual environment for the website (the cloud). It’s basically a metered service model meaning the site owners need only pay for the number of resources they use. This makes it a viable, economical option for small-medium scale businesses and start-ups. 

When it comes to flexibility

VPS is generally considered to be more flexible and secure compared to cloud hosting. All your important data will be stored at a secure data center in a partition of the server that you own. This means you will be getting absolute control over the resources and the hosting environment, very similar to dedicated hosting. You will also be able to configure and customize server settings.

As for cloud hosting, the resources are distributed and stored across multiple interconnected servers in various locations. So it doesn’t offer a level of flexibility as much as a VPS hosting  UAE solution does. However, cloud hosting is more scalable as resources are always available. 

When it comes to pricing

You will be renting resources for a set annual or monthly fee if the hosting solution is VPS. This is in addition to the subscription fee you will have to pay for availing of the hosting service. The advantage is that this pricing model makes it easier for you to predict costs and make plans accordingly.

This becomes complicated when your website starts to grow and traffic increases. You will need more resources to adapt to the growth, which means more purchases. In the case of a cloud hosting solution, there is no subscription fee. There will be a billing period, and you will be charged for the number of resources you used during that period. So if your website has unpredictable patterns for resource usage and traffic, a cloud hosting solution would be the ideal choice. 


If you still have difficulties in finding the right solution, you can consult a web hosting provider. A reputed provider can help you clearly distinguish between the different types of hosting services and finalize one deal that will be great for your website. The right hosting choice can facilitate consistent website growth in the long run.