Dispelling Common Web Hosting Myths
Dispelling Common Web Hosting Myths

Many of those who own successful websites would know how hard it was to find the right hosting service. For a beginner, the toughest challenge is to narrow down the hosting solution that will do justice to his/her website. Web hosting Dubai offers a plethora of hosting solutions with unique features, which makes it difficult to choose one over the rest. 

The first thing one would do before choosing a web host is weighing down one’s options. This is a tricky part because these options are influenced by many web hosting myths that people believe are true. Let’s dispel the mysteries surrounding the most common ones.

Myth #1: All hosts offer the same but prices vary depending on brand reputation

Just because the end result of having your website hosted is the same for all hosting solutions, it doesn’t mean the services are same. Some can even get you a competitive edge. If you look hard enough, you will be able to see differences in reliability, speed and features in addition to the price.

Reliability – Reliability is generally assessed based on the uptime of a package. Some hosts offer 100% uptime which is technically unachievable. There’s no 100% time. But a 99.9% uptime is a great deal. When your website is running successfully with lots of visitors, even a 1% extra uptime in a hosting plan should be taken seriously. 

Speed – If you are focused on retaining customers and interacting with them constantly, you should choose a hosting package that offers fast server response time. This can effectively help minimize bounce rates and retain customers. It might also give you a boost in search engine rankings.

Features – Several aspects come under this category including bandwidth, storage capacity, technical support, free domains, built-in control panels etc. These features impact your hosting experience. It’s recommended to compare features of various hosting plans before choosing one.

Price – The features mentioned above influence the price of the package. It is one of the reasons why dedicated hosting is more expensive compared to the cheaper shared hosting solutions. 

Myth #2: Cheap hosting providers are no good

Not every cheap hosting provider is bad. There are quite a lot of budget-friendly ones. Small websites don’t require hosting packages packed with features and extensive support. Such websites can start slow by making use of cheap hosting packages, and then think about upgrading once the website starts to gain traction. Go through reviews to know how good a hosting provider is regardless of the price of the offers.

Myth #3: Free hosting is fine for a good start

Just like in any other industry, you get only what you paid for in the hosting industry as well. You don’t pay for a free service. So you shouldn’t expect a lot from it either, even if you’ve just started your small and simple website. Free services don’t guarantee adequate support, useful features or quality. 

When there is an issue, don’t expect reliable technical support. You can expect the host posting ads on your website though.

Myth #4: A host without negative reviews is very good at what they do

Now that sounds reasonable. No negative reviews indicate great service then? No. There will always be at least one client who has some issue over the service, because you can’t please everyone in a business. Just because there is no negative reviews doesn’t mean the host is good. Disgruntled clients may not have bothered to write a review.

Good hosting companies can have both positive and negative reviews. However, if the host is criticized to a considerable degree, it’s better avoided. The hosting company should meet all your requirements, and should have an appealing service record. 

Myth #5: To run a website, you need IT knowledge

This is an easy myth to bust. Not every website owner out there has the knowledge to run a website. A good host will provide a simple interface and control panel that makes things a lot easier for website owners who aren’t experts in IT. 

Meanwhile, content management systems like WordPress provide the right platform where website owners can use a variety of templates to create appealing websites. The hosting industry is big enough to support people with no IT knowledge to get their websites up and running.

Hope the article helps you in making better choices regarding hosting your website. Finding the right web hosting provider might take some time, but you won’t regret it.