The Right Type of Hosting For Bloggers in 2019
The Right Type of Hosting For Bloggers in 2019

Bloggers need to be careful when choosing their blog site hosting plan. Most bloggers go for a low-budget hosting plan to host their blogs. For years in the web hosting Dubai industry, shared hosting solutions were preferred by bloggers as it’s the cheapest type of hosting today regardless of the hosting provider. 

Shared hosting in 2019 for blogs

Shared hosting has started going obsolete. The solution comes with a lot of limitations that may not sound appealing to modern bloggers. For one, there is the ‘bad neighbor’ effect. The shared hosting server also has other tenants other than the blog sites. And these other tenants may not have the best reputation. If those tenants get a lot of traffic, they utilize more server resources. This will slow down the blog site which in turn may deter readers who don’t want to wait a while just to read a blog. This can be particularly harmful to a blog site with an increasing audience. 

This is just one limitation. Shared hosting servers also tend to be the least secure of all hosting solutions, generally speaking. A blog site will have subscribers who are willing to provide their details for updates. That privacy would be threatened if the blog is hosted on a shared server. 

Best hosting solution in 2019

The limitations of shared hosting and the increasing affordability of other hosting solutions have started reducing the demand for shared hosting in the Middle East hosting market. 

The most demanded hosting solution in the Middle East is a dedicated hosting solution. The tenant website gets an entire server all for itself. The website will be able to use the large resources of the server for its own purposes. In addition, the tenant that leased the dedicated server in UAE will also be able to host more than one website on the server. These servers can handle traffic spikes and ensure great website performance at all times provided the hosting provider is reputed for service quality. 

However, all those great benefits also makes dedicated hosting a not-so-cheap option. For simple bloggers, dedicated servers may seem a bit too expensive. 

So the solution should be something without the limitations of shared hosting and is almost as good as dedicated hosting without a big price tag. And that is VPS hosting. 

VPS hosting, over the last couple of years, gained great momentum in the Middle East even while the cloud increasingly dominates the hosting industry. What makes VPS hosting unique is the fact that it doesn’t have the limitations of a shared server, and is quite reasonably priced. It’s also a great upgrade option for bloggers who have outgrown their shared hosting plan. In Dubai, VPS hosting solution also come with complementary benefits and add-ons. 

Many companies in the email hosting UAE industry offer email hosting services for free as part of their VPS and dedicated web hosting packages while many other offer it as a paid add-on. 

For bloggers, at the end of the day, what matters is a well-managed server where the blog site can use all allocated resources for itself. There will be nothing restricting the blog site’s growth as traffic increases. And the blog owners won’t have to pay a large sum for the service as well.