Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Separate Your Email and Website Hosting
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Separate Your Email and Website Hosting

It may be natural to outsource both your email and web hosting requirements to one web hosting UAE. While it may feel like a good deal, there is always a risk. Here are top 5 reasons why you should separate your email and website.

1.    Do not put all eggs in one basket.


As in the case of your investments, it is best to separate your Webhosting provider and email hosting provider. As your business grows and expands, email will become part of your routine business activities. Hence even if your web server is down, your email could also be affected or vice versa.


2.    Mobile Technology


Earlier it would have been ok to use a POP3 email account that came along     with your webhosting. But POP3 is a single way technology. Now, with the evolving mobile technology we access email from multiple platforms. With email synced across devices using various technologies it can certainly benefit your workflow.


3.    24/7 Dependability


It is essential for your email to work round the clock. If your email goes down for more than 3 or 4 hours, it can be a high-priced negligence. If your email hosting Dubai is more focused on your email, support can be more definite and helpful. They work specifically to keep your email server up and running instead of ensuring your website and email are working. 


4.    Webhosting Providers

At times, Hosting Company Dubai offers good reliability and speed for websites, but their email hosting service is less than desirable. At times email services can be tardy. Since most of the businesses use shared web hosting there is a risk of getting your IP getting blocked and flagged as spam because another business sharing your server might have been hacked and have been sending spam mail inadvertently.          


5.    Transitioning

Another major advantage of using separate hosting service is that it becomes easy if you need to change your service provider. Changing service providers is difficult because you have to ensure that there is nothing left on the servers and all the necessary emails have been downloaded and backed up into accounts.