POP Email Hosting VS IMAP Email Hosting
POP Email Hosting VS IMAP Email Hosting

E-mail hosting is a service that hosts emails on a server. The server can brought or rented for exclusive use from the e-mail host. The server handles all the data involved for sending and receiving emails. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP3 are the most common standard protocols for email retrieval. Email hosting is often confused with web hosting. Web hosting in UAE is a service that hosts your website on a server. Both are entirely different services but most web hosting companies in UAE provide email hosting along with their web hosting plans.   

Types of Email Server


IMAP allows access to email messages via internet. Email message stored on the server and the email client contacts the server to fetch the messages for you. Any alteration done (i.e deletion, reply, forward, and move) are seen by anyone else who logs into webmail or IMAP. 

IMAP is perfect for those accessing emails through multiple device, such as phones or tablets. It can also be used for multiple users who need access to the same email account. Moreover people who wish to have their messages including sent messages and message folders, to be saved on the server find IMAP to be more appealing. 


POP3 is the latest version of a standard protocol for receiving e-mail messages to your personal computer. Any modifications is done on the local copies and hence will not be seen by anyone else who can access the email. Messages sent, received or deleted using POP can only be viewed on that particular individual folders. These modifications cannot be viewed on other devices accessing the same email account, including webmail.   

POP3 is usually recommended for users who would like to backup all of their messages. It is also perfect for users with limited time to spend online, but should spend time reading a lot of emails. Another benefit of using POP3 i.e it is a perfect for anyone who needs to archive permanent copies of their emails.      

Which is the Best Email Protocol for my email hosting service in UAE?

Choosing POP would be beneficial if 

  1. Mail need be accessed only from a single device
  2. Requires constant access to email, even when offline
  3. Limited server storage

IMAP can be chosen if 

  1. Email should be accessed from multiple devices.
  2. Continuous internet connection.
  3. Limited storage space
  4. Email backup