The Difference between Email, Domain, and Website Hosting
The Difference between Email, Domain, and Website Hosting

Though web hosting is generally referred to as hosting by most people, it isn’t the only type of hosting on the internet. It’s not just the website that’s hosted. There are many companies in the Web hosting Dubai industry offering email and domain hosting services in addition to web hosting. 

Let’s take a look at what each is.

Domain Hosting

With the domain hosting service, the hosting provider will host your unique domain name so that it can be used with your website and email. But before hosting, you will have to register your domain first. Domain registration can be done through a registrar. However, some hosting providers can assist with domain registration as part of their hosting package. 

Email Hosting

Once you register a domain and have it hosted, you can use it to set up an email address. You can choose a reputed provider in the email hosting Dubai sector to host your email service. Email hosting can be organized through the domain host. 

There is a misconception that email hosting is connected through the website. Email is a separate service and is recommended to be hosted separately on a different server. The website needn’t be live to use email services.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the most important, not to mention the most competitive, of all hosting types. The web host basically hosts the website’s files on its server so that visitors will be able to browse the website. There are many hosting solutions to choose from depending on the needs of the web owner. For instance, smaller websites without much traffic can be hosted on a shared server - a server hosting more than one website and gives shared access to its resources. 

A bigger website with high traffic would need more resources, and may require either a VPS or dedicated hosting solution. At present, cloud hosting is rising in demands owing to its many benefits including flexibility and pay-as-you-go pricing.

For web, domain, and email hosting, you will need to spend time shortlisting reliable hosting providers offering great features in their hosting solutions.