Why Dedicated Email Hosting Package is the Better Option for Businesses
Why Dedicated Email Hosting Package is the Better Option for Businesses

Email is the most widely preferred mode of communication for businesses. As new technology today are easily accessible, even SMBs (small-medium sized businesses) can make use you email hosting services that meet their business communication needs. Most providers in the Web hosting Dubai industry provide free email services along with their web hosting packages. Though they can manage this free service from their web control panels itself, it doesn’t mean this is the most convenient way to avail email services for your business. 

What you need to understand is that web hosting solutions are for the purpose of hosting websites. Email service is just an add-on that hosts may include to make their packages appear more beneficial or for their clients’ convenience alone. If your business doesn’t rely much on email communication, then such a web hosting package could be a good choice for you. 

However, for businesses that rely on emails to keep them pumping, the ideal choice would be dedicated email hosting rather than using free services from the web host.

Why a Dedicated Email Hosting Plan?

There are many reasons. But let’s just check out the ones that are more noticeable without a dedicated email hosting plan.

If your website goes down, it takes your email with it

That’s the catch when you opt for email services offered by your web host. However, as many web hosts offer 99%+ uptime, websites normally don’t go down that easy. The website going down is the worst case scenario, where you will also lose the email services. It effectively takes out your business and your communication medium. 

A dedicated email hosting plan is a separate hosting package that offers email services. So if by chance your website goes down, you will still have email to communicate for your business. 

Shared IP demerits

Consider a shared hosting environment where users will be sharing a common IP. Because it’s a shared environment, other users’ activities may negatively affect the IP reputation. Sending and receiving mails with an IP of low reputation will likely encounter issues that in turn could affect the productivity of the business. 

A dedicated email hosting can give you a separate IP for your email. However this still eliminate the risk in a shared environment. The best option is to use dedicated hosting for both the website and the email (for medium or large businesses). 

Emails can take up space from your web hosting package

Email you sent and received with attachments will take up space from your web hosting package that is supposed to be used by your website. Though it isn’t much, you will still lose a portion of that space for emails. And if it takes up too much space, you will be forced to upgrade storage space or maybe even the whole hosting package.

The cheaper option would be to use separate web and email hosting solutions. 

Infected web hosting accounts may affect email services

Web hosting accounts may get infected with virus or malware programs. For a user who also avails email services that comes with the web hosting plan, there is a chance that the infection may affect the email services. To keep at least the emails secure from harm, it’s best to go for a separate email hosting plan. 

End Note

There are many ways you can leverage email hosting to aid your online business. It should be considered as important as a website by businesses rather than just as an add-on feature. Hope the reasons mentioned above gives you clarity on why you should consider hosting your emails separately.