Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting Explained
Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting Explained

Web hosting and domain hosting are two major factors behind the success of a website. Although closely related both offers different services. The following article tries to explain the difference between the two.

Web Hosting 

Web hosting in UAE is a service where companies can lease space on a server where pages of your website are stored so that they can be accessed via the internet. These hosting service providers want you to own a domain.

The amount of space dedicated to your website depends on the hosting plan that you choose. There different types of hosting services available such as shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller hosting services. The difference among these services lies in the type of technology used, the level of management by the hosting provider and the additional services on offer.

Dedicated server hosting in UAE gives you complete control over the server on which your webpages are stored.

Domain Hosting 

Once you choose a suitable web hosting plan, your web site is stored on to the servers of the hosting providers and a unique DNS or Domain Name System is assigned. The DNS address is used to allow your users to access your website via the internet.

A domain name is like our regular address that directs visitors to your location. Most web hosting service providers like GoDaddy or Blue host offers domain registration services in UAE

How does Web hosting and Domain Hosting Work With Each Other?

Both web hosting and domain hosting work with each other in building a successful website. The web hosting stores your web pages while the domain hosting helps you in using a domain name for a particular period say for one year.