What You Need to Know to Find the Right Domain Name for Your Business
What You Need to Know to Find the Right Domain Name for Your Business

The domain name is as important as the company name itself, and so deserves a lot of thought. It is basically your identity on the web, and is vital for your business’ online visibility. Hosting the website comes only after purchasing a domain. Just so you know, you can get basic hosting packages from various providers in the Web hosting Dubai sector.

Choosing the right domain requires you to think hard to come up with something that appropriately reflects your business. With that said, here are a few things you should know so as to figure out the perfect domain name for your business.

Domain search tools

The first step to finding the domain name is to see if there exists a vacant domain with the exact name of your company. You can either search the domain name through a web browser, or use free domain search tools you can get from the internet. Either way, this is the easiest thing to do to get started.

If such a domain is available, you can register it.

Short and simple

If the first step didn’t get you a domain with the same name as your business, you can start thinking of a good domain name. But make sure you come up with something short and easy to type. Using slang in the domain (for instance, m8 for mate) can make it difficult for users to find your website. 

Keyword presence

See if you can include a keyword related to your business in the domain name. If you are a software vendor for instance, you can go for ‘nextgensoftware.com’. Including keyword in the domain name can actually help you with search engine optimization. 


Make sure the domain name you came up with isn’t copyrighted or trademarked by some other company. 

Remember that by purchasing a domain name, you are only buying the rights for that name. You will then have to find a web hosting solution that meets your business requirements. However, you can still take your website in the new domain for a test run with a basic hosting package, though only certain companies provide it.