Domain Transfer: Things to Keep in Mind
Domain Transfer: Things to Keep in Mind

Domain registration is something that goes hand in hand with web hosting. As a matter of fact, the web hosting UAE industry contributes a lot to the growth of business domain registration in the Middle East. Many hosting companies offer domain registration, reselling, and transfer services as a complementary bonus to their hosting solutions or as a paid add-on service.

This trend inadvertently led to a decline in the domain registration UAE sector as it partially merged with the hosting industry. Both services are closely associated now. You will find many articles on the web that discusses the relationship between hosting and domains. Domain registration articles are quite abundant. 

But what if you want to transfer that domain?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before transferring your domain.

  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date
  • Make sure your new registrar has a good track record
  • Make sure your email service isn’t tied to your existing domain. It’s better to set up an email with another service.
  • Take measures to unlock your domain
  • Take measures to get the Authorization code for the transfer from your old registrar
  • Make sure that no one unauthorized gets the authorization code
  • Make sure that the domain hasn’t been transferred recently
  • Go through the instructions, support pages, and policies of the new registrar
  • Be available throughout the transfer process
  • Make sure the transfer is fully complete before canceling the old service

Domain transfer normally takes about 5-7 business days. During the process, your new and old registrars would be communicating with you to ensure a seamless transfer. If your contact information isn’t updated, you may miss out on important alerts.  

There is also the option of private registration. Some domain registrars allow you to mask your domain registration information so that your contact information isn’t publically displayed when a WHOIS search is performed. The registrar’s information will appear instead. Though this approach costs extra, it can be useful for businesses that want to keep a low profile during domain transfers.

Complementary domain registration and transfer services are better deals when the hosting package chosen is bigger. For instance, there are companies that offer domain registration services along with shared or VPS hosting solutions. This service generally are charged separately. However, some established companies offer free, complementary domain registration services along with dedicated server hosting in Dubai.