3 Things Most People are Unaware about Web Hosting
3 Things Most People are Unaware about Web Hosting

People usually pay more attention to web design and domain name registration in Dubai, rather than web hosting. Even so, everything that is available online- website, tweets, memes, and online games- are stored inside a server for us to access them. Hence web hosting is undoubtedly a crucial yet invisible factor of our online experience. 

If you are someone new to web hosting, there are some basic aspects that you should be familiar with before proceeding. Here are three aspects that most people are unaware about web hosting.

No. 1: Hosting Types Can Vary From Each Other

If you spend a couple of minutes with a web hosting service provider based in Dubai some terms like shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud , reseller and others will cross your mind. These are various web hosting types, and every online element will require a distinct solution.   

Shared hosting the cheapest of all web hosting is offered by most web hosts. Shared in shared hosting implies that a server’s resources with many others. If you operate on a shoe string budget and foresee much traffic, this is the best way.  

Larger entities that have more traffic to their sites should think about VPS or may be dedicated hosting because both types offer increased server capacities.

VPS hosting in Dubai is a high- caliber version of shared hosting with lesser websites sharing a server’s resources.   

No. 2: Bandwidth is Different from Data Transfer  

Bandwidth and data transfer are used synonymously to depict the amount of data that a website offers to its visitors, but the terms in practice, means two different things.  

Bandwidth displays the total volume of data that is transferrable at a given time, whereas data transfer is the actual volume of information that’s used over fixed time period- usually a month. A web host may have a maximum of 10GB bandwidth, but according to the hosting plan, a site may permit only a monthly 2GB data transfer. If a user exceeds the limit, a web host may bring down the site’s data transfer speed or demand additional payment. It may also ask you to upgrade your web hosting type to a higher one. As a result, you need to find out your website’s data limitation.

No 3: Unlimited is Another Limited

Many web hosts will lure users to choose their web hosting plan by tempting them with offers like unlimited storage or monthly data transfers. This is not always the truth. Unlimited storage or data transfers often always have boundaries that vary organisations to organisations.  

For example, they may propose an offer for unlimited disk space with no limit on user generated content as long as the user fully meet the terms and conditions and uses storage of your website. 

Check with your web hosts service conditions, or talk to their customer service personnel, to know with the customer service to know precisely about your limitations within the limits of the unlimited offer.