Introductory Guide to Unmetered Dedicated Server
Introductory Guide to Unmetered Dedicated Server

This article serves to introduce you to what is known as ‘Unmetered dedicated servers’ – something that’s quite popular in its own right in the web hosting UAE industry. Unmetered dedicated servers are considered to be the ideal hosting solutions for a rapidly growing website.

What is an unmetered dedicated server?

The features and pricing of web hosting packages offered by hosting companies may vary greatly. This difference also applies to how hosting companies charge you for data transfers. Data transfers can be quite expensive if a server tenant exceeds the allotted bandwidth. Hosting companies may typically charge the tenant for the bandwidth used or they may charge a flat fee that covers all bandwidth usage. 

A hosting plan with bandwidth-based charges is typically associated with shared servers. The speed of the service will be split between several tenants in one single server. If one tenant exceeds their bandwidth limit, it’d affect other tenants in that server. Though the plan is affordable, it can be quite annoying for growing businesses. 

This is why many businesses in the Middle East upgrade to dedicated server hosting in Dubai. An unmetered dedicated server is one that allows unlimited data transfers on top of insignificantly small downtimes and robust security – all of which beneficial for websites experiencing big traffic spikes. 

When should you go for an unmetered dedicated server?

If your website is getting more traffic and if its performance is being bogged down, it’s a clear indication that the website demands more resources than your server can provide. This also applies to businesses that use mobile apps with increasing number of users. In such scenarios, the business’ hosting server should be capable of handling sudden traffic spikes and other resource demands. 

Benefits of unmetered servers

Unmetered servers offer greater flexibility and scalability for your website in addition to consistency in performance. The bandwidth can be utilized in any way necessary. There won’t be other tenants sharing the server’s resources, allowing you to use any security/performance-enhancing tools and plugins. 

Switching to an unmetered server

Migrating to an unmetered server depends on whether your current hosting company allows server upgrades and downgrades. Many small-time hosting companies may not allow upgrades but might have enticing, high-performance hosting packages. Some even offer complementary add-ons. Many companies offering domain registration in Dubai for free might require a hosting service subscription to avail the offer. 


It’s important to be proactive when it comes to upgrading servers so that there won’t be any downtimes or any other technical snags that might tarnish your business’ online reputation and credibility. Rest assured, a website running on unmetered dedicated servers can certainly flourish without hiccups.