When Is It Time For You to Lease a Dedicated Server
When Is It Time For You to Lease a Dedicated Server

The ridiculous number of websites online today are all functioning because they are hosted on servers. These hosting servers come in many forms. The web hosting Dubai sector caters to consumers with shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting packages that vary in price, features etc. depending on the web hosting company. Not all hosting providers offer the best services. So the primary challenge for a web owner is to find the right web host and the right hosting solution. 

But what if it’s a quickly growing website with frequent traffic spikes? They may need to upgrade their hosting solution. The best upgrade for such websites would be a dedicated server. The average website, however, can still go with shared hosting. 

The dedicated server

A fast-growing website would, at some point, need a dedicated server to sustain its performance during traffic spikes. Unlike shared hosting where tenant websites share resources of a single server that hosts them, dedicated server is a server dedicated to just a specific user and his website. The dedicated server’s full resources are there for the tenant to use exactly how he wishes them to be used. The machine can host any number of websites of a single user.

Even with the cloud impacting web hosting by a big margin, dedicated servers are still in demand in the dedicated server hosting Dubai industry. 

When it’s time to lease a dedicated server

How many websites do you have and how much resource do they need?

You need to ask yourself how much resources your websites require to function properly. If you are on a shared server and have neighbor websites with a big appetite for server resources, your site will start underperforming, particularly when traffic spikes on your website. If you notice your site slowing down, it’s time for an upgrade to a dedicated server. 

How fast does your site grow?

Is your website doing a good job with an increasing number of visitors every month? If visitors are increasing and business is good, you may want to think about migrating from your shared server to a better server with more resources, say a VPS or a dedicated server. If you estimate a lot of transactions and visitors in a short while, a dedicated server would be more beneficial compared to a VPS server.

Are you concerned about the security of your website?

If you are in a shared server, you are obviously just one among many other tenants in that server. Those other tenants or your ‘neighbors’ may not be up to good. A malicious program from one of those sites can quite easily infect other websites in that hosting server. In a nutshell, if you have bad ‘neighbors’, your website’s security could have already been compromised. 

If you are concerned about the security of your visitors’ personal data provided to your website, you should move to a dedicated server. Most hosting providers offer 24/7 technical support, periodical security checks, and 24/7 monitoring for suspicious activities. 

Has your web host suspended you for your website exceeding allocated resource?

If this has happened, it can impact your website’s search engine rankings. Frequent downtimes, slow-performance of website etc. also negatively impact SEO. Reliable dedicated servers from a leading web hosting company can ensure 99.9% uptime in Dubai, and excellent site performance and security to go with it. 

Does your website require specific scripts and programs to function the way it should?

If this is the case, your shared server won’t cut it. If you leased a dedicated server, you would be able to use any scripts or software you require in addition to getting technical support from the hosting provider. 


There are even more signs that indicate that your hosting solution needs an upgrade. But these questions above should give you a basic idea whether it’s time for an upgrade soon. Either way, dedicated servers are not that expensive today. It depends on the features of the hosting package and the web hosting provider itself. 

If you still require help in deciding whether to upgrade or not, it’s best to consult a reputed firm in the dedicated hosting UAE sector which should be quite easy to find.