Hosting Options for Small-Medium Sized Businesses
Hosting Options for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Choosing a great web hosting solution isn’t a big deal today for large, resourceful enterprises that can afford powerful servers and infrastructure. The choice, however, is challenging for small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and startups. As a matter of fact, in the web hosting Dubai industry, hosting packages are generally targeted at SMBs. 

For SMBs, making the choice requires taking into account various factors - from their business requirements to their website’s expected growth rate once it goes online. If the companies are resourceful enough, they would be able to easily lease a reliable dedicated hosting server in Dubai which should be more than enough to have the website perform very well, even during potential traffic spikes, for a long time. 

But for those companies that cannot afford dedicated servers, VPS hosting is the next best option. Today, the cloud also is a feasible alternative owing to its pay-as-you-go pricing model. However, SMBs are still reluctant to go the cloud way. Besides, VPS solutions still don’t cost as much. 

For a SMB, virtual private servers also grant a number of benefits. Here are a few important ones. 

  • More reliable than shared servers: There will be many virtual servers (or partitions) on the physical server. But each of them will be independent. In a shared server, the traffic spike on a tenant website would impact other tenants of the server. This doesn’t happen in a VPS server. 
  • More akin to dedicated servers: A dedicated server will only have one tenant, and either one website or many of the same tenant. The tenant will be able to fully use all the hardware resources of the server. A VPS shares many similarities with a dedicated server. The resources of a VPS are dedicated to the tenant, even though there are other tenants in the same server. Virtual private servers typically offer more hardware resources including CPU, RAM, and storage. They can handle more traffic than shared servers.
  • Great performance: As the VPS offers more resources than shared servers, and works like a dedicated server, websites of SMBs will in turn perform better. A website with great performance gets higher search engine rankings and reduced bounce rates. All of this with a price tag lower than that of dedicated servers makes VPS hosting a great deal and a worthy investment for SMBs. 
  • Free to run your applications: Shared servers don’t give tenants a choice on the OS they can run. Every website sharing the server would run on the same OS. With a VPS, the tenant has the freedom to choose the OS that suits the business. Shared servers also limit the type and number of software the tenant can use. Resource-heavy applications are generally not allowed in a shared server. A VPS solution has no such restrictions. 


To conclude, VPS hosting is a better option for SMBs compared to shared hosting solutions. There are many VPS hosting companies in Dubai offering reasonably priced hosting packages. But make sure the providers also offer reliable back up and management services. Technical support is also important regardless of the hosting solution chosen. VPS hosting certainly would prove to be a great investment for SMBs, and once they’ve grown, they can easily shift to a different, more effective hosting solution.