Guide to Buying a Dedicated Server to Host Your Website
Guide to Buying a Dedicated Server to Host Your Website

Dedicated hosting servers stand out for being a bit costly but delivering impressive performance for websites in return. These servers are cutting-edge hardware capable of housing rapidly growing websites with a lot of traffic. Despite the growing popularity of the cloud, there is still great demand for dedicated servers in the web hosting Dubai industry. Dedicated hosting solutions are also becoming cheaper as hosting technologies advance and the cloud proliferates.  

That said, this article serves as a quick guide to buying a reliable dedicated server to host websites. 

You should consider many factors before zeroing in on a dedicated server in Dubai. Here are a few important ones. 


Yes there are other important things like performance and security when it comes to choosing a server to host websites. But even with every feature you need, if the price is too high, there is no point in considering that server. If the offer for the dedicated server isn’t that expensive, there is most likely a catch or some other hidden costs involved. Low-priced offers may not include hardware/software upgrades or good backup measures.

Dedicated servers are reasonably priced but provides high quality service in return. Anything less is most likely a scam or an act of generosity. 


Great hardware specifications don’t always translate to great performance. The type of drives used in the server, the hardware and network configurations etc. also matter. Some hosts use cheaper or older hardware. So the specifications may sound impressive, but the older hardware will most likely fail when you least expect it resulting in website downtimes. 

To make the offer even more convincing, many hosts may also offer additional services including domain registration or website design/development. For domain registration in UAE, it’s better to consult a reliable domain registrar instead of choosing domain registration services from a web host as part of the package.


Cheap dedicated servers are most likely poorly secured. If the server is compromised, the websites housed within the server are also in danger of being hacked. Installing server software is quite simple actually as it involves just a couple of clicks. It can be done using a YouTube guide. But configuring the server, its OS, and the various instances of sites running on a server securely is a whole another matter that requires a good level of expertise. 

A dependable dedicated hosting provider would have qualified engineers and server administrators who install, configure, and test various configuration options to deliver the best results for the website owner. There will be 24x7 monitoring where security experts are on the lookout for potential threats to the server. 

Uptime & support

A relatively affordably priced hosting server with new hardware still won’t cut it if it can’t guarantee good uptime. A hosted site, especially if it’s a business website, needs to be always online for people to find it. It’s best to settle for a hosting solution that guarantees 99.9% uptime.

In addition to uptime, technical support is also a factor worth considering. Great technical support is what separates a reliable hosting provider with cheap ones. An unmanaged hosting solution leaves you to handle technical issues which involves everything from understanding error codes to defragmenting databases. A better option is to go for fully managed dedicated servers where there will be a technical team handling all the technical aspects while you focus on building your business with the website.


When buying, renting, or leasing dedicated servers, make sure that you are getting quality service at a reasonable price. Reviews from other hosting subscribers can help a lot. The key criteria to consider when choosing a provider includes price, uptime, technical support, security, and performance.