Busting 3 Popular Myths about Dedicated Web Hosting
Busting 3 Popular Myths about Dedicated Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting Dubai, there are plenty of hosting options for webmasters. But the challenge is to determine which type of hosting works best for their needs. Businesses that have to deal with a large amount of online traffic usually go for dedicated hosting. It is a bit pricey but totally worth the cost assuming the hosting provider is reputed and reliable. 

Big businesses have always adopted dedicated hosting. However, with the gaining popularity of cloud, dedicated hosting has started getting some negative hype lately. Many misconceptions have cropped up.

Let’s examine the 3 most popular ‘myths’ and measure the value of dedicated servers ourselves.

Myth 1: Client has little to no control over dedicated servers

Dedicated hosting is when you get a full server for yourself. It’s commonly promoted by providers as the type of hosting which lets you focus on the website alone rather than spend additional time managing the maintenance and security. This means no physical access to the server. The myth stemmed from these facts. Many believe that having an external provider manage the hardware side will limit the webmaster’s accessibility and control.

The truth is that it will depend on the provider and the type of service chosen (managed or unmanaged). Most providers offer only support by handling maintenance and security measures to protect your data. Managed hosting is where the vendor takes care of everything. However, even this doesn’t limit the user’s control over resource utilization and the usage of applications. 

Reliable dedicated hosting solutions give a good amount of accessibility and control to the clients. They actually make it easier for the IT team of the client by handling the hardware side of the server. 

Myth 2: Dedicated hosting is not customizable and is unreliable when it comes to quality support

If you ask someone who has used dedicated hosting, you will know this is just another misconception. Dedicated hosting plans are customizable for one, and they technically provide comparatively better support than other hosting types.

In a shared hosting environment, different clients will be sharing the resources. Dedicated hosting environments allow dedicated resources to a single client in a single server, with access to all the support they need. With dedicated hosting, the resources will always be made available to the clients, assuring them that their websites won’t encounter any hitches that could negatively affect their business. That defines the reliability of dedicated hosting.

Myth 3: It’s too expensive

This is partly true. Hosting is a kind of investment for a business. However, as long as the benefits outweigh the cost, it’s a safe investment. This will depend on the hosting provider though. Providers typically offer a variety of dedicated hosting packages at different prices that suit any need – from starter packs to high-end hosting solutions. Some of them even allows custom packages if there standard packages don’t fit the bill.