Top 5 Reasons to Use a Cloud Server
Top 5 Reasons to Use a Cloud Server

Cloud computing has gained huge popularity over the years because information can be accessed remotely in the cloud or virtual space. Companies that offer cloud services allow users to store files and applications on remote servers and then access them when required. Here are the top 5 advantages of using a cloud server for your business.

1.      Robust Security

Saving a company‚Äôs data in the cloud can safeguard it from accidental loss and other malicious activity as well as from other nature-related catastrophes. Cloud storage, particularly dedicated server hosting, and also allows users the protection of cloud providers for preventing security threats.

Although the users still have to install protections of their own, such as managing passwords and permissions, migrating data to the cloud protects safeguards sensitive information from physical damage, cyber threats, and human errors with resource beyond the comprehension of the local networks.

Moreover, while using a  cloud hosting provider, overall data protection is operated by experience engineers. They use interconnected security tools, can scale resources as required, and may offer additional layers of security like 2-factor authentication. Also, the cloud server hardware is generally in off-premise data centers in with ultra-security.

2.      Scalability and Flexibility


Cloud service options go from basic public cloud packages to fully managed custom cloud solutions designed to meet specific requirements, and these can be scaled to meet changing times, priorities and growth.  


Available alternatives include the public cloud, a cost-effective solution that allows multiple users to share the same servers offered by the remote host; private clouds devoted to just one user; and hybrid- or multi-cloud options that can be a collection of cloud and local computing, or an array of cloud services dedicated to supporting various functions.


With the growth of your business, users can scale their cloud service plans to include

additional storage, applications, and more services offered by the host. This might include choosing a private or multi-cloud solution to meet changing needs. Most cloud services offer pay-as-you-use services so that users need to pay only for what they use, without any commitment and expense of buying the whole package.


3.      Data Backups


While storing data on the cloud, you can be certain knowing that backups are there for your access when it is needed. Data backups are automated and generally take place on a preset timeline.

4.      Convenience and Collaboration


When data and applications are limited to local systems, access is usually confined to well-identified times and circumstances. With the cloud, there are no time and location constraints, so that data and services are available 24*7, around the globe.

Any user with the required access credentials and a connected device can access company data stored in the cloud, allowing it to collaborate without any border limitations, offer round the clock customer service and quick resolution of issues.

5.      Redundant Servers


The idea behind data survival and an uninterrupted workflow is redundancy. A majority of web hosting providers that provide word press hosting services in Dubai offer fully redundant dedicated servers. This implies that if one server does not work at some point of time another would step in and keep the program running.