The Latest Web Hosting Trends: Moving Services to the Cloud.
The Latest Web Hosting Trends: Moving Services to the Cloud.

Cloud computing is in no way a new technology. The demand-based availability of computer resources has become more popular since mid-2000s. Web hosting in Dubai is one of the industries where cloud computing made a mark while changing the realm.

Here we look in to what cloud computing entails and how we can easily make the switch.

How to Switch From On-Premise to Cloud Hosting?

Suppose you have come to the conclusion that a cloud hosting solution would be the best option for your website. If your current service provider offers enterprise cloud computing solutions, the process would be simplistic as requesting the support team to upgrade you to the cloud server.

But what if they don’t support such plans?

There is no need for concern. It only takes a few simple steps.

1.      Find a No Cloud Hosting Service Provider

Begin by deciding the type of hosting plan you need before looking for the vendor that strap your plan to the cloud. For instance, some providers specialize in premium cloud VPS services, while others, and can get you fixed up with dedicated cloud hosting solutions when needed. 


2.      Back Up Your Data


Make sure to build an archive of all your files and related databases. Speaking of a c-Panel-to-c-Panel transition, the process is as simple as downloading the archive files on your system and uploading them in the control panel of the new web hosting provider.   


3.      Recreate Your Email Accounts


If you want to switch your email correspondence, you would have to first create the mail boxes that comes with the new cloud hosting account. You can also save your previous mail data and transfer it to the new server to keep everything in its entirety.

4.      Test , Test, Test

Before you transfer to your live site, you have to make sure that your migration was done successfully. You can verify your pages via IP address, analyze your images, and check your interlinking to prevent any hosting issues.


5.      Change your Domain DNS


If everything seems to work correctly, time has come to point your domain name to your new cloud solution. Log in with your domain registrar and search for the name servers appointed to it. Revise the DNS to the ones your new vendor gave you during signup. There will be some expansion to upto 24-48 hours for the changes to occur world over.

You see, shifting your services to the cloud is less cumbersome than imagined. To say the least, your web hosting company can ease the procedure all the more by offering to manage the migration free of cost.  One meeting with the support team can give you an insight of the scope of their cloud service and how they can assist with the transfer.