Understanding Managed Cloud Hosting
Understanding Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed cloud hosting is a type of hosting service, built using cloud technologies and managed by professional web hosting companies in Dubai. The idea behind choosing a managed web hosting service i.e you can rely on their professional expertise in both application and infrastructure management.

When choosing a managed cloud hosting provider, it is your duty to ensure that the offered services include guidance, support, and training of resources as well as application while ensuring complete security.

Cloud hosting is best suited for mid-sized enterprises who constantly collect data that need to be accessed at all times as well as that need to be securely managed. Mid-sized enterprises always face the dilemma of choosing between a dedicated server in UAE or a server in the cloud. Due to the high efficiency and cost-effectiveness of clouds sever, many enterprises often choose cloud hosting.  

Since we now know what Managed Cloud Hosting is, let’s look into the benefits that it brings to your business.

  1. Cost Effective: Supporting a network and infrastructure resource in-house can burn a hole in your pocket. But with a managed cloud hosting service you save on thousands of dollars of an in-house IT department maintenance while still using the right tools and services.
  2. Dynamic Infrastructure: With managed cloud hosting in Dubai you can use the necessary infrastructure when you need it and pay only when you use them, thus allowing your business to scale.  Professionals will be there to support and manage your resources as well as requirements allowing you to scale your business.
  3. Higher Security and Recovery: Data breaches, hacks and other security issues can be life threatening especially for a mid-sized business. In case of disasters like technical errors, power outage etc. you can continue with minimal downtime with easy recovery of lost data. Cloud hosting services rely on their efficient networks and data centres to continue businesses during such outages.
  4. Customized Services: Cloud managed services usually follow the pay as you go policy enabling enterprises to focus on growth. Along with the requisite services cloud managed service providers converge other solutions like security protection, network monitoring or the set up of a new service area. Based on your business requirements and goals, budget with professional managed cloud hosting service providers. 


Managed cloud hosting may not be the right choice for all business solutions. Research computing, development servers and test servers are some avenues that can utilize the pay as you use policy of the managed cloud services.