Impact of Cloud Hosting in Business Growth
Impact of Cloud Hosting in Business Growth

Hosting does indeed play a major role in the growth of a business. The fact that the cloud industry is flourishing and rapidly evolving also makes it apparent that enterprises across the globe rely on cloud technologies for growth. Before the advent of the cloud, in the Middle East, enterprises looked at the dedicated servers Dubai industry for supporting their growth. 

But now, fast-growing enterprises prefer the cloud to host their assets. There are many reasons for this.

Let’s explore the impact of cloud hosting in business growth. 

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has been around for many years but only gained traction a couple of years back. It’s now everywhere, with even many companies in the domain registration UAE industry offering cloud hosting add-ons in their packages. 

Cloud server hosting, is essentially quite similar to a dedicated server except for the fact that user is not aware of the hardware the server is running on. In addition, cloud servers are also more scalable which brings us to the next point.

Impact in business growth

Traditional dedicated servers are mainly relied on to host large, high-performance websites or web apps with lots of multimedia content. The protocol is simple enough where a user simply pays monthly charges to lease a server with enough hardware power. Once the website grows in traffic however, the user will require even better hardware specifications and thorough maintenance. The server will be secure in a data center but may induce downtimes during upgrades. 

Cloud hosting stands out here owing to the fact that the user’s data and websites are hosted on a server on the cloud, which means there will practically be no downtimes. Even if the server goes inactive or crashes, other servers in the network will seamlessly pick up responsibilities so the site stays up. 

With a pay-as-you-go pricing model, cloud technologies scale with the user’s demands without hassle. If the business grows, the website will obviously have more traffic and conversions. The cloud scales up to maintain consistent high performance of the website despite sudden traffic spikes. If the business simply doesn’t require too much resources for the website, the cloud scales down. Ultimately, the user will have to pay only for the resources they use, thus facilitating steady growth for the business online. Cloud’s reliability and scalability makes it a better hosting option today for growing businesses.