Hybrid Cloud & Multi Cloud - Prospects of Cloud Hosting
Hybrid Cloud & Multi Cloud - Prospects of Cloud Hosting

The rapid growth of cloud technologies and their advancements influenced almost every industry on the planet including web hosting UAE. With the cloud’s potential of empowering businesses and pushing them closer to complete digital transformation, it’s no surprise that it’s increasingly adopted by organizations worldwide to serve many purposes. 

Hosting in particular is what we will explore in this article. Before the arrival of the cloud, VPS hosting Dubai had a consistent growth. Virtualization proved to be of benefit for many website owners based in Dubai. Now that the cloud is mainstream, enterprises can choose from a number of options and avail cost-effective cloud-based solutions that fit right in with their business environments. 

Hybrid & Multi cloud

There are many cloud service providers in the market today; the leading ones being Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure). Google and even Oracle have joined the fray, and is gaining momentum by serving businesses regardless of geographic boundaries. 

Smart businesses eventually understood cloud computing enough to combine more than one cloud service for various benefits. The right mix of on-premises, public, and private cloud services on a single management plane enables an organization to leverage the cloud in the best way that offers the most benefit to the organization. 

Essentially, if the setup has one or more independent public clouds connected to either the organization’s private cloud in the data center or just the traditional data center infrastructure, and managed on a single plane by the administrators, it is a hybrid cloud. 

Some often confuse it with multi cloud, which is fundamentally different. Multi cloud is basically a combination of several cloud services from different cloud vendors collaborating in real-time, either in one environment or many environments. 

Where hosting comes in

Both hybrid and multi cloud strategies are adopted by enterprises depending on their requirements. These strategies are devised to leverage more than one cloud services which also includes hosting. Hybrid/Multi cloud services that include hosting solutions is still relatively new in the cloud hosting UAE sector.

There is also a misconception that as hosting is only one of many cloud services that comes with a hybrid or multi cloud solution, it won’t be effective enough. This scenario will only come to pass should the organization fail to properly configure the cloud services and integrate the cloud into their business ecosystem. Hosting is comparatively much less sophisticated compared to most other cloud services, and will be easier to manage as well.

The major benefit of hybrid or multi cloud solutions is that they are cost-effective. A business would be able to leverage cloud in many forms and services, and avail only those that fit in their budget while meeting their requirements. With a multi or hybrid cloud approach, you won’t have to be concerned about the security as well. Cloud security services can also be part of the package. 


Overall, a hosting solution that comes with a full package of cloud services (either hybrid or multi) is what a business needs in this age of dynamically evolving technologies. The services will pack enough flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness to help the business maintain momentum for a long while. It’s certainly a worthy investment.