Common Hosting Issues & How to Avoid Them
Common Hosting Issues & How to Avoid Them

The web hosting industry, though flourishing, is still not evolved enough to completely avoid the issues that businesses have been experiencing from hosting solutions since the beginning. Technological advancements provided solutions for many such issues, but some are still common. The hosting company is also a critical factor when it comes to technical issues. 

For SMBs, this can prove to be a hindrance to their business growth. It was during such a time that cloud hosting was introduced – a solution that made all but a few issues obsolete. 

Here are three common hosting issues you should know about.


If the hosting company isn’t prepared, this issue can harm their business severely. When a person chooses a hosting package to host his/her business website, the individual will be needing a specific set of features from the package. One of those is ‘bandwidth’. It’s the web host’s responsibility to accommodate bandwidth requirements when there is a sudden spike in bandwidth usage. 

The cloud hosting Dubai industry, nevertheless, doesn’t encounter this issue much owing to the rapid evolution of cloud computing and networking technologies. 

Generally, a bandwidth issue is seen as a sign by web owners to upgrade their hosting plan. Setting up their own hosting infrastructure requires significant investment. Businesses that are short on budget or simply don’t want to take the effort will instead go for a better hosting plan. The hosting company, on the other hand, loses its credibility.

Spending big to upgrade hardware

Some businesses may have to do a huge hardware upgrade to keep things running smooth. But when the time comes, they will be required to spend a considerable sum for the upgrade. This can be an unexpected hiccup for some businesses.

The better approach is to do the upgrade strategically. The business should consider its long term goals in order to set targets for each fiscal year. This would make them prepared in case there are any surprises during the hardware upgrade or infrastructure expansion for that matter. Upgrading the hardware bit by bit, especially the storage space in the hosting solution, is a better alternative than spending a big sum at once for an immediate upgrade. 

Neglecting technical support aspect

Technical support and customer support provided by the web host are two very important factors any business should consider before purchasing a hosting package. Even if the web host has an infrastructure to boast about, a poor technical support can almost certainly force a customer to drift away and seek services from a different host. 

Before purchasing a hosting solution, the business should make sure that the web host’s technical/customer support divisions can be easily contacted by multiple means, and that they respond quickly to resolve the issue. With automated live chat systems being a part of the web hosting industry, this issue won’t be a matter of concern in the foreseeable future.