How much do you want to pay for Web Hosting?
How much do you want to pay for Web Hosting?

The moment when you decide to start or create the website you should have a plan for the expenses. Such as services involved to set up a website. For that, you need to register your domain also in the web hosting companies in UAE.

Webhosting Companies in the UAE own and maintain the space that a web page is should store and retrieve the web pages when the users are requesting for them. If you search on Google many people from different parts of the world asking this same question. How much for a web hosting service? The answer is simple it depends. Most of the readers are not expecting this answer. Most probably you are looking for a precise answer. For the more specification, there are web hosting ranges from 2$ to over 1000$. The last one is mostly for the dedicated servers in UAE.

One of the major facts on the cost of web hosting is which type of hosting are you choosing? There are different kinds of web hosting methods are available which purely depend on the size, service, and traffic that you are expecting.

Let’s dig into the important kind of web hosting methodologies

1.     Shared Hosting

2.    Cloud Hosting

3.     Word Press Hosting

4.     VPS Hosting

5.     Dedicated Hosting

Among these the choice is yours depends on the size, traffic, and type of your website.