A Short Guide to Ensuring Robust Cloud Security
A Short Guide to Ensuring Robust Cloud Security

Once reluctant to invest in the cloud, businesses today have finally started to trust in the promised benefits of enterprise cloud computing solutions. As various service models like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS etc. gains momentum and technologies become more advanced and affordable, cloud solutions in the midst grant many businesses the agility and scalability they need to flourish faster. 

The cloud has made its way into a number of industries and sectors catering to even the most basic digital services including hosting websites. As a matter of fact, many companies in the Web Hosting UAE industry now caters to many web owners demanding a cloud hosting solution for scalability and performance; a scenario previously dominated by dedicated servers.

But despite the applause for everything cloud, there still seems to be a looming concern regarding cloud security especially for businesses and individuals thinking of storing sensitive data on the cloud. But rest assured, with the right security measures in place, there wouldn’t be such concerns.

Here are a few ways how one can bolster cloud security. 

Develop and implement a security policy

Before migrating a website to a cloud hosting server, one of the first things to do is to devise and implement a cloud security policy. This ensures that the organization manages its security efficiently and guarantees that the necessary procedures and processes are implemented to secure data and operations while also ensuring that key responsibilities are delegated to accountable personnel both on the host’s side and on the web owner’s side. The staff should also be given necessary training. 

Adopt best practices

Adopting the current best security practices is one of the best ways to protect sensitive data and defend against unauthorized accesses. In addition, this also defends the hosted website against phishing, hacking, malware, and ransomware. SSL encryption is considered one such practice to fortify websites against emerging threats. As a matter of fact, many companies offering cloud hosting in Dubai recommend going for an SSL certificate both for security as well as SEO benefits. 

Choose a compliant cloud hosting provider

If a cloud hosting provider says they are compliant with acceptable security standards, most web owners trust their word for it. But this shouldn’t be the case anymore. Make sure to check the provider’s compliance before purchasing their services. 


Consider these tips just as a few basics to keep in mind when leveraging a cloud hosting solution for a business website. There are even more things one can do to fortify security. If it’s a shortcut you are looking for, simply hire a trusted, reliable web hosting provider. Security won’t be a problem.