Guide to Enterprise Cloud Hosting
Guide to Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Web hosting solutions come in many forms, the most recent one being cloud hosting. The modern era’s technology world revolves around the cloud. Cloud computing is already influencing several industries and verticals, owing to it many benefits. The cloud hosting UAE sector is booming, as enterprises now witness cloud’s scalability and resources complementing their growing websites. 

Before the cloud made its way into the hosting industry, most Dubai-based businesses relied on VPS or dedicated hosting solutions. The cloud’s arrival reduced the market of VPS hosting Dubai, and the demand for dedicated hosting servers as well. This amount of progress can be attributed to the cloud’s “divide and rule” policy. Resources for maintaining a website are spread across multiple servers in a network (the cloud), and are provided when needed. 

Cloud hosting

One of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting is its capability to manage peak loads efficiently. Growing websites that encounter occasional traffic spikes would need a good amount of resources to keep functioning without bandwidth issues and performance drops. If one server in the cloud fails, another will take over yet the service will be uninterrupted. 

A great example of cloud hosting is Google itself. The search engine giant gets its resources from over hundreds of servers on the cloud. You don’t see performance drops or downtime issues when using Google, except when it comes to planned maintenance.

Despite its benefits, cloud hosting can still be vulnerable if the servers have low-quality hardware, resulting in performance issues. The server hardware, though often neglected, is still key to the cloud delivering on its promises. 

Enterprise cloud hosting

Almost every business that operates on line on a grand scale requires enterprise cloud computing services today. Cloud hosting for enterprises generally use VMware to provide reliable services that rival, or sometimes surpass, dedicated hosting itself. 

However, in the beginning, cloud services were a bit expensive and was affordable only for enterprises with great financial resources. This is not the case today. Cloud’s domination and influence have played a part in making cloud computing more affordable now. Even small or medium-sized businesses can now avail cloud computing services. But the misconception about the cost still deters many businesses from adopting the cloud. 

Nevertheless, 2018 will witness more businesses moving into the cloud while the cloud hosting sector in Dubai grows exponentially.