Different Types of Web Hosting
Different Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting, Many of us don’t have as much knowledge about web hosting. A person who is an outsider to IT may not want to know about hosting. Many people inside IT have many confusions regarding web hosting. Here we are discussing what is web hosting? What are the different types of web hosting? And more. 

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the process in which a hosting provider gives the space to a website to save its files on the server. Through this, the hosting files are available for online view. In Industry many web hosting companies in UAE.

In this modern era of technology, many options are available for hosting. Let’s check out what are the most important and common ones that everyone uses.

  1. VPS Hosting
  2. Dedicated Server Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting

VPS Hosting

There are many VPS hosting companies in Dubai, UAE. It places in between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS Hosting is a good choice for website owners that required more control. One of the greatest advantages of VPS Hosting is that more customizable and allocating storage space as well.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The greatest advantage of a dedicated server is that the website owner gives more control over the website owners. Space is dedicated for you and only your website is stored in it. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the most wanted technology today. Many computers are working together and run applications together. The main advantage of cloud hosting is the server is spread across the world and the company doesn’t need to maintain its computer infrastructure. If You are looking for Cloud Hosting UAE, Verbat technology is a good choice for you.