Cloud Computing and VPS Hosting: A Comparison
Cloud Computing and VPS Hosting: A Comparison

Cloud servers are generally considered equivalent to virtual private servers because both work in a virtual environment and have almost the same benefits and features. However, the critical difference between the terms could make a great deal of difference for organizations preparing to host their business or shift to shared hosting.

A VPS Dubai server is a partitioning of a physical machine into multiple small servers enabled with a set of dedicated pool of resources allotted to each user occupying the same server while the virtual server is dedicated to a single user.

Cloud Computing Vs. VPS hosting

  • Location: Virtual private servers are hosted by remote offsite third party web hosting companies in UAE, while a private cloud is usually located inside a private data center of the organization. However, at present most data center providers offer private cloud services where the service provider would handle server management.
  • Scalability: The key difference between cloud technologies computing and VPS hosting is scaling up resources. Scaling up of VPS resources require manual upgradation of services, raise a support ticket or get help from tech support. In this aspect, cloud solution are much more reliable, because it comes with a control panel that equips oneself to add more resources such as storage space, databases as and when required.
  • Cost: In terms of value for money, virtual servers are more effective than private cloud servers. The IT operating cost is high because of investment in hardware, installation, maintenance etc. On the other hand hosted private cloud would considerably reduce expenditure, but it also remove the control and access of the environment in case of an on-site cloud server. 
  • Choosing the best option: The primary advantage of virtual private server is that it presents a comprehensive range of pre customized servers and is highly advantageous. The hosting solution is best suited for organizations with an anticipated amount of traffic. Contrarily, cloud hosting offers more advanced automated redundancy and freely available scalable servers. Moreover, cloud solutions are ideal for all kinds of businesses. Comparably, VPS Servers is advantageous and small companies could easily opt for it.