Benefits of Using Cloud Computing in Mobile App Development
Benefits of Using Cloud Computing in Mobile App Development

Most enterprises have jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon, there is still much hesitation in organizations to adopt cloud computing into mobile application development project. As cloud computing develops and more and more industries find the potential exciting it is high time that it is integrated into mobile application development.

1.      Multi-OS Platform Development

With mobile application development based on cloud technologies, there is no need to create an app for every platform and device. Such applications can run seamlessly on web browsers and operate on multiple platforms with no particular issue. This brings down the effort substantially. Enterprise cloud computing solutions  can help enterprises change the way they function because each employee can use it on any supported device or platform.

2.      Protection from Data Loss or Application Crashes


As the server is behind the management of the application, instances of application crash can be very rare. Even at the rarest occurrence of a crash or loss of data all information can be easily restored and accessed at any time.


3.      Time Saver for Developers


Since much of the time is spend on managing the server during app development in IT companies in Dubai, cloud technology is seen as a breather by many developers. This is because cloud eliminates that effort for the developers and they can focus on other aspects of the app. 


4.      Space is Not Needed in Smartphones


Since all data stored on the server can be accessed via the internet, there is no requirement for additional space on the device. This feature of cloud based applications allows users to divert device storage to other tasks. This reduced need of storage space inevitably increases the performance of the smart phones and enables an uninterrupted use of the application on the central server.