Busting 3 Popular Cloud Hosting Myths
Busting 3 Popular Cloud Hosting Myths

The most popular forms of web hosting includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting. Many web hosting Dubai companies offer trial versions of their cloud hosting services. However, there are still many myths surrounding it that people believe to be true which refrains them from checking out the service. 

What is cloud hosting?

It is simply a network of virtualized servers. A cloud hosted website can use resources from all the connected servers, and a single server failure will not affect the website. 

Let’s demystify a few popular myths about cloud hosting.

Myth 1: Cloud technology will not survive the test of time

The fact that cloud hosting has only gained popularity in recent times has made people believe that it’s a new technology that’s struggling to get attention. That’s not the case. It’s been around for more than 10 years now. It’s been estimated by quite a few studies that cloud computing will dominate information technology industry for a long time. A bit of Googling can give you solid facts.

Myth 2: Cloud technology isn’t secure

The security of the hosting technology will depend on the hosting vendor. Low end hardware and an unsecure environment is open to security threats. But a private cloud computing environments are generally highly robust and secure. Your data in the cloud is safe.

Myth 3: Cloud isn’t effective without proper coding

This is partly true as certain cloud servers require coding to ensure effective functioning. But if you approach a reliable web hosting provider, this wouldn’t be a problem. You will be able to upload your website effortlessly just like in any other hosting service, and there won’t be anything that affects your website’s performance. 


Over the years, cloud technology evolved to become something that can keep important data safe, while allowing access to it from any geographical location through the internet. It will be staying alive for a long time, which is evident from the fact that even Fortune 1000 enterprises have started to adopt it.